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At the P.I.T we're Dreamers..., Visionaries..., Future Pros.

Click the video below to listen to what future pros have to say about our program!

What is The P.I.T?

An Interactive Hypermedia ProTraining Experience that fosters creativity and collaboration in order to build capacity and skills in industry related careers.

The P.I.T Experience offers:

  • Skills-Based P.I.T. Bootcamp
  • Community P.I.T. Ambassadors
  • Mission Possible: Future Pro Induction!

Our Mission

Our future pros are able to acquire internships, externships and job placements that provide them with the necessary opportunities and tools to sustain a livable wage.

We are looking for YOU!

That’s right! So many of our YOUTH aspire a career in some form or fashion within the entertainment industry and now “The P.I.T Network” will grant students an opportunity to begin taking the necessary steps towards making that happen with industry influentials and professionals, to help guide and lead the way to you becoming a PRO!

It’s an “Interactive Hypermedia ProTraining Experience” and now its YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

Check Out Our Apparel!

Get in on the fashion as we have our line of P.I.T apparel. We offer multiple sizes and looks for you to look just as good as you feel when working with us.



Learn the skills to reach that postion that you want.
Acquire internships, externships and job placements with P.I.T

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