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We Bring An Interactive Hypermedia ProTraining Experience

Read below what our program has to offer to future pros.

Skills-Based P.I.T. Bootcamp

Our future pros attend interactive sessions with industry professionals. These camps, both virtual and in person, provide opportunities to further enhance their knowledge with regards to film and music.

Community P.I.T. Ambassadors

The P.I.T. bundles the concept of collaboration and inclusion. Its foundation is comprised of community members that are hyperlinked to organizations that also hold youth in the same high regard. The goal of a P.I.T. ambassador is to educate, engage, and empower our future pros to reach their full potential.

Mission Possible: Future Pro Induction!

Our future pros are able to acquire internships, externships and job placements that provide them with the necessary opportunities and tools to sustain a livable wage.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does The P.I.T. stand for?

P.I.T. stands for Pros in Training

What does the logo symbolize or represent?

The lion is the ruler or dominant over all things and its mane is a book of knowledge which represents the source of its strength or superpower.

Is there a brick and mortar building for the The P.I.T.?

No. Currently, the P.I.T. operates in a hybrid model (virtually and in-person) as well as in the field through our P.I.T. Ambassadors.

Is The P.I.T. open exclusively to Metro Atlanta residents?

Currently, most participants are local to the Metro Atlanta area but will scale to other parts of the country in the future.

How can I join the program?

Reach out to us in the Contact Us section of the site or email info@prosintraining.org

Take A Quick Peek At What To Expect!

Click play on the video below to listen in!

Our Ambassadors


Stephanie Anderson

Neon Armour


Alyssa Trofort

Bee Fearless Studios


Kahran & Regis B.

Creative Soul Photography


Matthew Head

Matt Head Productions


Najee Rawlins

Light Up Entertainment


Mike Jackson

DJ Fadelf


Glenn Thomas

Straight Lace Entertainment


Mechel Miller

I Can Studios


Nick Nelson



Rose Bianco


Music Matters Production


Sophia Barrett

Sophia Barrett Studios


Jakeem Smith

Jay Productions Agency


Lovilla Santiago

Miles Models Agency

Want To Become A Pro?

The current process involves students filling out an Interest Form when we come to their school or when they request it via email (info@prosintraining.org). Students await a call back to schedule an interview and audition. Once selected for the program, parents can submit payment for P.I.T. Bootcamp Training.


Learn the skills to reach that postion that you want.
Acquire internships, externships and job placements with P.I.T

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